The American Clock & Watch Museum celebrates the innovation and artistry of the clock and watch industries
through unique collections that engage, educate and enrich its community.


Telling Time with: Time Capsules

These Time Capsules are ready for your memory keeping! 
It comes complete with box, a memory booklet, set of markers, gear crayons, and additional items to complete the kit. 

Telling Time with: Sundials

In this activity kit, children will make a sundial out of brightly colored building bricks and have fun  

comparing its reading to a modern clock or watch to determine its accuracy.  

Telling Time with: Sandglasses

The third kit in our Telling Time activity series for children is all about sandglasses. Make your own sandglass in this fun STEM activity. 

Then, use your timer to test yourself in the"Beat the Clock" game included in your kit. 

Telling Time with: Clepsydras

Make your own clepsydra in this final kit in our Telling Time activity series for children. Then, use your water clock in our "Before the Water Runs Out" challenges that are included in your kit.