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Family Time Capsule Program

Friday, October 21st at 6:30 p.m.

$10 per family

Time capsule box and decorative materials will be provided. You can bring small items and photos to put into the box or pack it when you get home.

Build your own time capsule while learning how the Museum’s founder, Edward Ingraham, preserved the history and heritage of the clock and watch industries by packing special time capsules. Over the years, the boxes have been opened at special events at the museum to reveal what was happening at the time they were packed.  Now it’s your turn. Come create a family time capsule! What items will be included in your time capsule? When you open it in 5-10 years, what memories will you find? What will your capsule say about the times you live(d) in?

This program is supported by the Rotary Club of Bristol, Connecticut.

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Telling Time Activity Series for Children

(local pick up only)

Click here to find out more about each kit and to order your own take-home activity!

  • Telling Time with: Sandglasses
  • Telling Time with: Sundials
  • Telling Time with: Time Capsules
  • Telling Time with: Clepsydras or Water Clocks (coming soon)

These take-home kits can be completed as standalone activities or used alongside the videos that are posted on the Museum's YouTube page (@AmClockMuseum).

Each kit is $10; $7 for Museum Members

Development of the Telling Time activity series for children is supported by 
the Rotary Club of Bristol, Connecticut.