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Children's Take-Home kits!  (local pick up only)

Telling Time with:  Sandglasses

The third kit in our Telling Time activity series for children is all about sandglasses. Make your own sandglass in this fun STEM activity. Then, use your timer to test yourself in the"Beat the Clock" game included in your kit. 

Telling Time with:  Sundials

In this activity kitchildren will make a sundial out of brightly colored building bricks and have fun  comparing its reading to a modern clock or watch to determine its accuracy.   

Telling Time with:  Time Capsules

These Time Capsules are ready for your memory keeping! It comes complete with box, a memory booklet, set of markers, gear crayons, and additional items to complete the kit. 

These kits can be completed as standalone activities or used alongside the videos that are posted on the Museum's YouTube page (@AmClockMuseum). 

Stay tuned for our final kit kit in the children’s Telling Time activity series -- Clepsydras (water clocks).

Development of the Telling Time activity series for children is supported by the Rotary Club of Bristol, Connecticut.

Thank you to all of the supporters of our 4th annual Wine, Women & Watches!

View the pictures from the 2019 event here: