promoting and preserving the history of American-made clocks and watches

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Doing Research at ACWM

Would you like to know more about an American-made clock or watch that you own?  Are you conducting research for personal use, publication, or exhibition?  If so, there are some research options available to you. 

A Note about Appraisals 

American Clock & Watch Museum staff are prohibited by law from offering financial appraisals, even ballpark figures. To get an appraisal, please contact the American Society of Appraisers or the Appraisers Association of America.

Meet the Collection

Check out a slide show of images of clocks and watches in our collection.

How a Watch Works

Watch this 1949 educational film by the Hamilton Watch Company entitled "How a Watch Works."  19 minutes in length.

Use our Library

A small selection of research books are available for visitors' use.  

A larger collection of research material is available. Please call 860-583-6070 or email to schedule an appointment.

Let us Research for You

Research is conducted as a fee-based service by ACWM staff for $40. Requests are answered in 1-4 weeks depending on request volume and research needed. Click to get the PDF form and mail it with photos of your item to ACWM. For more info or if you are unable to open pdf files call: 860-583-6070. 

Photo, Film & Measuring Requests

If you would like to request permission to take photographs or to film in our museum, please  call 860-583-6070 or email our Curatorial Department.

Types of Artifacts 

Tall Case "Grandfather" Clocks

Pillar & Scroll

OG Shelf Clocks

Outside Escapements

Pocket Watches

Alarm Clocks

Novelty Clocks

Railroad Clocks

Character Watches

Mantel Clocks

Banjo Clocks

Tower Clocks

Gothic Revival

Beehive Clocks

Mechanical Toys

Industrial Timers

Television Case

WWII Artillery Timers

& much more!